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There is a wealth of good, spiritual reading material available -

Here are but a few:

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 Title: The Spiritual Combat

Author: Dom Lorenzo Scupoli

ubject:  A famous classic on the spiritual life containing 66 short chapters giving practical techniques for fighting sin and attaining virtue.  Dom Scupoli says that impurity is one sin we should NOT try to fight - we must simply flee from it and its near occasion.
(First published in 1589)

Available at:


How to Resist Temptation - by Fr. Francis Remler (Sophia Institute Press)

Damnation History - Tape set by Dr. Scott Hahn that goes through some very good Catholic teaching on the history of sin and how sexual  sin is the result of deeper spiritual sins. Dr. Hahn's materials are available from St. Joseph Communications (www.saintjoe.com) as well as many others.

St. Catherine of Sienna, Growing in Love - by Ralph Martin.  Another good tape set, this time based on the writings and teachings of St. Catherine, another patroness of sexual purity along with St. Maria Goretti.

Divine Intimacy - Tan Books - absolutely excellent resource, "meditations on the interior life for every day of the liturgical year." Daily readings take no more that 3-5 minutes and cover very good material from the writings of the saints.

www.dads.org - St. Joseph Covenant Keepers and Family Life Center run by Steve Woods. Steve has a newsletter dedicated to what pornography is and how it is affecting men and fathers, also with a modified 12 step on breaking the addiction.

Morality in the Media - www.moralityinmedia.org is a Catholic website that has resources by Dr. Judith Reisman, the foremost CATHOLIC expert on sexuality, among other excellent authors. Also, her website (www.drjudithreisman.org) has excellent white papers and many books for purchase including "Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences the Red Queen and the Grand Scheme." One white paper is very informative on just what pictorial pornography does to the mind in "The Psychopharmacology of Pictorial Pornography".

Also available on MIM is the article by Paul J. McGeady, General Counsel of Morality in Media, "The Harmful Effects of Pornography".


Protestant - but very useful:

NEW!  My Beautiful Feeling - by Walter Trobisch, is a collection of letters between Mr. & Mrs. Trobisch and a young girl trying to overcome her habit of masturbation. Very useful with some very good insights and strategies to overcome this affliction.
This can be obtained at: http://quietwaterspub.safeshopper.com/1/10.htm

Everyman's Battle - by Steve Arterburn and Fred Stoeker with Mike Yorkey. A Protestant book, but a very insightful look at this addiction With solid methods of combat that every man can and should employ. Very good read and useful study tool.

Sexual Healing - by David Kyle Foster of Mastering Life Ministries. Also a Protestant book, but a good scriptural look at Sexual addiction and deviancies with solid Christian authorship.

An Affair of the Mind - by Laurie Hall. A Protestant converted to Catholicism after the book was released about the wife's battle for her husband and family. An excellent resource for wives.

Don't Call it Love - by Dr. Patrick Carnes, the foremost expert in the field of sexual recovery. He has authored many books on the subject including "Out of the Shadows". This is an excellent resource for anyone  to learn more about the difficulties of the addiction.

Confronting Your Spouse's Pornography Problem - by R.C. Reid and Dan Gray.




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