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Hi! I wanted to tell you an encouraging story. For 28 years I was continuously losing the battle with lust, even though I am a Christian and I wanted to be free. One day I found your website, and as I was reading some of the articles, I felt something *happen* inside me! In an instant I felt that the chain which bound me had been broken. That was almost 8 months ago now, and by God's grace I have not gone after porn since. I know that this was a work of the Holy Spirit, and I thank God for this, but I also wanted to thank you for somehow playing a part in this.  Blessings on you! Leslie

Thank you for your web site. Please pray for me I need all the help I can get. God bless all of you - Pete

This site is like a gift from God.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! - The Gossers

Hi! Thank you for this great web site. May I kindly request that you send me regular material directly to my email account please? The good LORD will surely bless YOU all for it :-)

Sincerely - Charmaine

I just wanted to let you know that I think you have an excellent web site. Strange as it may sound, I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit increase as I was reading through your site. Be assured that God's Spirit is working through your web site. God bless you, Howard

Dear friends, Thank you for your ministry to those suffering from addiction to pornography. I was concerned by a few aspects of your website, however. I found no mention of the fact that many of the subjects of pornographic films and magazines are children, and women, who are kidnapped, exploited, often raped, and forced to participate. The adult women who "choose" to participate are almost universally survivors of child sexual abuse who are profoundly psychologically damaged, have not had access to other education and employment opportunities, and not capable of making a free consent to such activity. They, along with the wives and fiancées of the consumers of pornography, are victims, and the men (and occasional women) who use it are gravely sinning against these additional victims' human dignity, and this should be mentioned as one of the reasons for seeking conversion and healing from this addiction. The same is true for the women who serve as topless waitresses or dance in strip clubs, whom one of your FAQ answers suggests are selfish and out to make a huge profit.

Dr. Laura Grimes

Name: John

What a great reference site this is; especially now in the Lenten season.

Name: Daisy

thank you lord for speaking to me this night amen



Name: Mike Weston

Comments: I need Jesus to help me - I just can not do it alone - I hate my sin and am full of excuses

Name: Gregory

Comments: www.padrepiodevotions.org is a site devoted to the spirituality of Padre Pio. It contains his prayers and 50 selections from his spiritual counsels and 35 testimonials. I ask you to consider it as a link on this website.

Name: Joseph

Comments: Praised be Jesus now and forever !!!! What a beautiful ministry. Thank you Paul. Thank you a million times a day for this service. The Devil is unchained and looking to destroy souls. Addiction to gambling, sex, pornography, drugs, Alcohol, etc.

Name: Anonymous

Comments: This website is a prayer answered. Peace be with you, Paul!

Name: Fr. Mario Lopez, O.Carm.

Comments: It was providential that I was led to your web site which is a God-send. I intend to refer penitents to your site to help them in the struggle to overcome these addictions. God bless your initiative and all your work. Be assured of my prayers for your min

Name: venite menezes

Comments: Just what we needed !!!!! more power to the Lord!!!!!!

Name: Fr. Maxim pereira OCD, India

Comments: Thank you for your powerful initiative. May God be glorified for what your have done. it is a humble service to the humanity. may God bless you.

Name: Joseph

Comments: Nice website. However, lets get off of the addiction model and start taking personal responsibility for our actions!! This is a character issue, plain and simple and His grace can help us be obedient. God Bless!

Name: depaul genska, ofm


Name: Fr. Ed Murphy

Comments: I am the chaplain of Courage in my diocese. This is a very good resource for members of Courage. Bishop Galeone is my bishop in the St. Augustine Diocese.

Name: David

Comments: Paul - I thank God for you and your work. The Lord guided me to your website at a terrible time in my life. Within 30 seconds of viewing the site tears were running down my face and I felt His grace overwhelm me. The problem is still there but thanks to y

Name: CV

Comments: Im glad I came accross your site. I am recovering from this addiction (porn-free for 3 months now). My solution is the rosary. I would never have succeeded without it! God Bless!

Name: Donna

Comments: I am the wife of a man who recently fell back into online pornography. (He gave it up when we married 3yr ago) He has to help himself;I need support.Do you have a prayerroom for wives? Thanks!

Name: Mercy

Comments: keep it up!!!!really nice to know someone working really hard to get world out of this strong web of devil!! may LORD JESUS bless u all

Name: EC Mario

Comments: I believe my prayers have led me to your sight. I pray for all those with the same temptations and those from the porn sights who need our prayers. They are Gods children too.

Name: Michael

Comments: Great site - from the father of eight children, keep up the great work and know that you are in my prayers. Perhaps you could post an article talking about the relationship between pornography and contraception.

Name: Ferdy V

Comments: The proliferation of pornography is so nauseating already. Thank God for a website as this. However, there should also be a movement to start acting. Instaurare omnia in Christo!

Name: wt

Comments: thank you for identifying and offering solution to a problem for a great many people. 

Name: art crosetti

Comments: much needed site good luck and God speed

Name: Guf

Comments: If God made me come here, could at least have made a homepage with a nice looking design!

Name: Karen Chohrach (author of LGCR)

Comments: Awesome resource from a Catholic perspective! Thanks for your bold witness because there are too few teachers in the Catholic Church today who are addressing this issue... Keep up the good work!

Name: EP

Comments: I cryed when I first came upon your website. Bad habits are hard to break, and us Catholics need to work together to overcome our addictions. Gob Bless you and your ministry.

Name: R

Comments: God bless you for holding on and keeping this going.No matter what the devil may tell you,dont stop this site,u will grab from him many souls for Jesus thru this site

Name: kelly atkins

Comments: I found that i was the 33rd hundreth visitor to your site, a number quite significant. I will pray for your ministry, a ministry so sorely needed at this the end of times. To Jesus through Mary

Name: TM

Comments: Peace be upon you. Thanks be to God for your website. There is a great need for Catholic-focused website(s) for recovery from sexual addiction, particularly for family members who are affected by it. Sexual addiction isn't just an addiction, it is a strong

Name: Tom McMurray

Comments: Just want to thank you for giving your time to maintaining this web site. I thank God for the way he can use people like yourself to help others in our daily battles with satan. I feel stronger and more committed to fighting this evil as a result. God ble

Name: Bill

Comments: This is a great web site. I thank the Holy Spirit for inspiring you to create it and for guiding me to it. I pray that all people who are addicted to pornography will overcome this evil, and I pray for their family and friends who often times are affected

Name: James Taylor

Comments: Great start. May the Peace of God be with all who pass here.




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