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Pornography and the Demonic

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It’s part of the addiction.

Your mind wanders out of control, as it has ten thousand times before, and in no time you are lost in a fantasy world of self-indulgence with some beautiful, exotic, sensual goddess…

Now, hold that thought because we’re going to come back to it.

Who exactly is that alluring “goddess” that has you so enraptured, heart, mind, body and soul?

Let’s investigate and explore who she really is, why she is seemingly so ever present in your thoughts and what she truly wants from you.

In other words, lets talk about the demonic.

Demons are an inescapable part of the Old Testament. They are named there: Lucifer in Isaiah, Asmodeus in Tobit, Satan in Job. And the New Testament can almost sound like the story of Christ the Exorcist, come to earth to end the reign of that strongman, Beelzebub. In St. John’s words, “The reason the son of man appeared was to destroy the works of the devil.”

Different demons specialize in different temptations.

Asmodeus is the demon of lust.  Read the story of Tobit to familiarize yourself with his cunning and seductive skills, his deadly, poisonous, malevolent evil.  This demon succeeds in killing several men through their own lust before encountering Tobit and the Archangel Raphael.  It makes one wonder how many other poor souls have fallen to Asmodeus throughout history since those days so long ago.

When the opportunity to indulge in fantasy overtakes you, instead of dwelling on the beauty and exotic sensuality of your fantasy, try to look past the alluring mask to see the demon lurking there.

When it comes to manifestations of evil, I always think of spiders.

Instead of imagining yourself caressing the silky thigh of some gorgeous blond, realize that you are actually stroking the leg of an eight foot spider that sits patiently still, with poisonous fangs bared, just waiting for precisely the right moment to tear you to shreds, then carry what’s left of your mutilated body and soul down to the abyss of hell.  

Look at a spider’s web and you see it strewn with the carcasses of its many victims, each caught and entangled in its deceptive yet powerful web, only to be held immobile and utterly helpless as the spider gleefully approaches to feast upon another victim’s very life blood.

You are that victim.

At this point, the spider sinks its fangs deep into your helpless body, filling you with still more poison.  As you watch, paralyzed and motionless, yet still very much alive and aware, the spider begins to feed – on you.

This is the real face of pornography – the face behind the alluring, seductive mask.

Behind every pornographic image, behind every lustful thought hides just such a demon, lurking in the dark recesses of your mind, working you, coaxing you, seducing you, leading you ever deeper into its web, until that moment when you are at your weakest, enticing you to commit the most heinous mortal sin against almighty God for the sake of a few moments of pleasure.

It has you.  It has you again and again and again.

Worse still, out of habit you come freely seeking your spider, searching for relief, consolation, companionship, love.  And every time you are rewarded with darkness, frustration and emptiness – and another dose of addictive poison.

This visage of so hideous an evil should be enough to frighten the most hardened porn addict into sobriety.

Become aware of your surroundings, and come to know your enemy – especially the one within.

Her image is cunning, seductive and beautiful – her reality is merciless, relentless, destructive, horrific and malevolent evil.

Be aware of what it is that is working in your mind, because it is both very real and very deadly.

Beware of Asmodeus and his kingdom of spiders.

Believe me – they are aware of you.

Every time that you are tempted with an impure thought or desire, look past the allurement and see the evil.   I can assure you, nothing has so helped me be free of this addiction as much as this.

As a follow up, I encourage you to read the Epistle of Jude.

Never heard of it?  It’s in the Bible.  It’s the second to last book in Scripture, just before the book of Revelation.

It, too, addresses the seriousness of breaking free from the spider’s web while you still have life and strength within you.

God Bless!

paul, for the Serenellians



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