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Who We Are - Who we Serve

The Serenellians are an informal group of Catholics, both lay people and religious, who have chosen to dedicate and devote some personal level of effort through prayer, work or exhortation to:

1) Combat and counter the evils of pornography addiction by asking God through prayer to bestow on our society an ever increasing abundance of the graces of Purity, Humility and Love of God – the three virtues dearest to our Blessed Mother, in order to bring about a renewal of these virtues in the world and, thus, hasten the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the kingdom of her Son.

2) Reach out to suffering souls, both individuals and their families who are caught up in the addictive effects and consequences of pornography, in order to bring them hope, encouragement, strength and increased confidence in God’s infinite love, compassion and mercy, for their healing, consolation and, most importantly, for their salvation.

The level of effort, participation, support and involvement is up to the individual.  We have no dues or fees – only needs.  We exist only to spiritually serve the suffering souls found wallowing in the mire of impurity, infidelity and the rotten fruits of concupiscence.

Our Role Models

Our Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph are the most exemplary models of purity, humility and loving fidelity to God.  They set the standards for what we as husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, workers and children should strive to be within the context of our daily, ordinary lives.
As such, the Serenellians place themselves under the patronage of the Holy Family, because it is the family itself that has been, for so long, the focus of the brutal and relentless attack from pornography. 

Our Mentor

What better mentor to have for our apostolate than Alessandro Serenelli, an individual who, early in his youth, became entangled in the snares of impurity, immorality and depravity.  A man who committed murder in the act of trying to satisfy his carnal desires, yet he became, through the intercession of his victim, Saint Maria Goretti, a converted soul, a champion and model of the purity, humility and love of God that he so adamantly rejected and opposed earlier in life.  He is truly a man like so many of us.

If a man so seemingly wicked, decadent and corrupt as Alessandro Serenelli can receive the fullness of conversion and salvation from Almighty God, then so can each and every like soul caught up in the snares of this insidious evil.

Prayer Intentions

Since the vast majority of our ministry is prayer, we will constantly communicate urgent prayer intentions to our members as well as post prayer requests on our web site prayer wall.


Pertinent spiritual meditation topics will be communicated as well to our members in order to remind and encourage our members of the focus and intent of the spiritual battle against impurity and immorality that we have accepted to engage.


A newsletter is a natural outcome of this type of ministry. 
Plans and further details will be communicated as we get closer to publishing our first newsletter.

Who Can be a Serenellian?

If your are a person fighting the addiction, whether you’ve just acknowledged the problem or have been fighting it for
years and perhaps feeling weak and unable to do much, you are invited to become a Serenellian.

As a Serenellian, you have help in fighting the addiction, you begin to work toward recovery and, by your prayers, participate and contribute toward helping others through your efforts.

If you are an individual affected by a family member's or friend's sexual addiction and behavior, you, too, are invited to become a Serenellian.

The very purpose of this Catholic organization is to provide a sanctuary, a haven and a resource pool of support for you, the addict, not matter how weak, sinful or unworthy of God's love you may feel at present.
Our other primary purpose is to offer loving support and guidance for family members or friends suffering from the evil effects of pornography.

We invite you to become a Serenellian.

It doesn’t require any special skill or knowledge – only the desire to pray on behalf of others who are too weak to help themselves and who so desperately need your spiritual support and intercession.

Please join us in our spiritual efforts – God will generously reward each and every individual who strives to further His kingdom by working to save His poor, suffering children.

To become part of the Serenellians, simply submit your name and e-mail address and we will add you to our membership list.

May God always bless you for your efforts to help and assist others!

No one who is in need, who desires freedom from this addiction, who seeks help and consolation will be rejected.
As our Lord says, "Ask and you shall receive.  Seek and you shall find.  Knock and it will be opened to you."



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